Examples of bad customer service experienced by Sanjeev Sabhlok

Extremely questionable – Neteller

For some reason I opened an account with Neteller in 2017. Just to try out things. I transferred some funds into it.

Then, I suddenly received a notice they are withdrawing a whopping $40+ for the account being inactive. I tried to transfer funds out but that didn’t work – twice.

Today I called their Australian number +61282798643 – was surprised they even have a number. A person (name Stephan) responded and said that my account didn’t match so they didn’t transfer my funds. That’s a lie – since I’ve used that account number for 18 years.

Anyway I tried to transfer some money to another bank account – the fee is $15!!! amazing – to get your money back. Let’s see if it works.

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Alternative cause for leakage – gap in roof

Further tests on the sliding doors (after using silicone to seal any cracks in the door) have raised further questions. It might no longer be a sliding door issue after all. Could be a roof issue.

The house has been built so badly by Shane Guymer that it leaks from innumerable number of places. Fix one cause but the leaks still remain.

Photos from camera re: a corner of the roof where there is a possible leak:












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Noting a leakage problem with three major sliding doors produced by Southern Star Windows (Geelong)

I understand the builder (since liquidated) who installed our sliding doors did a very bad job. I’ve tried caulking various cracks but there was MASSIVE leakage on Melbourne Cup Day:

Since the caulking has not worked, I thought some more and thought I’d try whether the weepholes are working. They are not. A few short videos that I’ve made:

I also tried on the fourth sliding door – at the alfresco, and the weepholes on that one ARE working.

The situation here is that I need a professional to open up the doors and check the leakage/ weepholes and fix/ replace them.

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Thirty months from commencement of construction and Guymer Lynnch has not yet completed the house


His photo:

Families in limbo as Victorian builder places company into liquidation. [ScreenshotHTML code

ADDENDUM 7 NOVEMBER 2018 – massive leakage continuing


Contract signed with Shane Guymer, MD: 18 November 2013

Contractual date of completion: 12 months from issue of building permit. Building permit was issued on 27 February 2014, therefore date of completion under the contract was 27 February 2015.

30 months over on 27 August 2016, and house not completed

It is now 30 August 2016. THIRTY months from the date from commencement of construction. The house is still not complete.

My details: Sanjeev Sabhlok, sabhlok@gmail.com.




Fix the aluminium sheet to the tiles on the upper balcony so that the repairs to the major leak in the roof are permanently fixed

Fix the water stagnation issue on the upper balcony roof, else the roof will rust and water will leak into the house in a big way

Fix the leak in the toilet seat in the powder room on first floor – photo has been provided.

Fix the wall that has been damaged due to absence of door stopper in the main entrance (and install door stopper)

Repair tile at the main entrance (near stairs) and trim the stair to avoid tripping.

Repair the storm water exit from the root in the back side of the house – water spills everywhere during rain, indicating either a blockage or damage.

Repair the damage to the door frames from nails from wooden blocks that prevented access – as requirement for the occupancy certificate.


Laundry stairs: Either these are installed as per the contract or an offset for not installing it agreed, with only a permanent screen door installed, instead (a screen door is part of the original contract).

Clothesline: Install a Hills Large Double Folding Frame Clothesline Pebble Beach (https://www.masters.com.au/product/902486876), with steel posts. Location: Just outside the garden shed. Dimensions 2.2m x 1.2 m.

Screen door on main entrance: Install screen door on the main entrance door (near the main stair)

Linen cupboard: Fix shelf in the cupboard on the upper level of the house (just one shelf will do, instead of multiple shelves in the original contract)

Incomplete carpentry work: 1) external door for entrance to the area below the house; 2) Agreed defects identified in the the New Home Inspections report and signed by Shane Guymer as works requiring completion.

Incomplete rendering: There are large portions of the external area that have not been rendered. E.g. the entire side of the house with the main stairs, the front of the house with the electricity meter.

Incomplete painting: There are areas outside the house (e.g. stairs; areas of the walls) and inside the house (e.g. main doors) that have not been painted as per the contract.

Structural defects rectification: These are the agreed structural issues from the New Home Inspections report.

And anything else that was agreed as per contract but not listed here.


Upon Shane Guymer not responding to repeated emails and SMSs, we lodged a complaint with Consumer Affairs Victoria. Today, CAV have closed the complaint on the ground that he refused to respond to them. Extract from CAV’s email below. And, of course, it is now more than 34 months since official commencement of construction of the house, and it is not yet complete.

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) emailed the following information to Shane Guymer and Guymer Lynnch Pty Ltd on 6 December 2016 (requesting a response by Tuesday 13 December 2016).

C2016/11/000691 – Ms Sabhlok

I spoke with Ms Sabhlok at length today and she will be sending me an email overnight setting out building defects and contractual issues that are still to be addressed which I will forward to you tomorrow. I remind you that Ms Sabhlok and her family took possession under a conditional OP which needs to be addressed.

Further I advised that ‘CAV cannot conciliate such domestic building disputes unless you engage in the process and are willing to work towards an agreed outcome’.

As the options available to progress are limited, I asked the builder to consider whether he was prepared to complete the building contract or make a commercial decision to settle. I also advised that I would be happy to meet with him at his business premises to try to develop ways to move forward. Unfortunately the builder has not responded to CAV. This means that CAV is unable to conciliate.

CAV aims for its conciliation process to be open and transparent, to be direct and clear in communication and for both parties to understand each other’s position and work towards a resolution. The builder has been afforded ample opportunity to address the issues raised in this complaint. CAV suggests that you obtain legal advice regarding your next steps that may include an application to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for a determination.

CAV has also advised you to contact the RBS for advice on your next steps.




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Telstra’s structural problem of management: left hand doesn’t know what the right hand does.

I’ve become a Telstra customer again after many years (My last experience was TERRIBLE – see outline here).

I bought a bundle from them for $139 per month, but it appears Telstra CONTINUES TO BE is a horribly inefficient organisation.

More details later. For now, just this: [https://www.facebook.com/Telstra/posts/10153520908569315]



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eGlobal Digital Cameras is a Hong Kong company that pretends to be Australian. Customers should understand this clearly.

[ADDENDUM 20 SEPTEMBER 2015: The company has since fixed the defective mobile phone – but I’m not happy with its continuing claim to be an Australian company. And that its Australian contact people are uncontactable. Based on information obtained over the past four months, I’ve slightly amended my post, below, – took me more than 4 months to get my phone fixed. Either way, a bad experience, but some of the issues that have emerged are wider than just my phone]

I am loathe to write against companies but my experience with Eglobal is something that needs to be recorded. This company, with a “.au” URL is NOT an Australian company but purports to be one.

Details of my interaction with it (in relation to a mobile phone that I purchased from it) are provided here. [Updated as at 20 September 2015]

I purchased the phone believing it to be an Australian company (the .au URL). Turns out it is located in Hong Kong and the company’s warranty DOES NOT apply to Australia.

The phone died during the warranty period.


(1)  The phone could not be returned to Hong Kong since Australia Post does not carry mobile phones by air.  

This issue has since been resolved. It was clarified by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) that there was nothing to prevent Australia Post from carrying my defective mobile phone by air. Turns out this was an Australia Post internal rule. I complained and was informed that Australia Post is changing its rules and will carry mobile phones by air within the year.

(2) It is misleading (but not illegal) for a Hong Kong company to use .au domain

I reported this company to AUDA at 9:40 pm on 20 July 2015.  I have taken screenshots of e-glogal as at 20 July 2015 [Download herehere and here]

AUDA has confirmed in writing and verbally that all a company needs is an ABN number to get an “.au” domain. AUDA does not care whether the company actually operates in Australia.

(3) The company has an ABN but it effectively NOT an Australian company

Its details:

Trading name Trudark Pty Ltd
ABN    58 003 759 662
ACN    003 759 662
Type    Australian Proprietary Company
Business Location NSW 2128
Locality    HARRIS PARK NSW 2150
Active from 31/03/2000
GST Status Not Registered
Business name Dwi Digital Cameras/ Digital World International
Websites ** eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au, dwidigitalcameras.com.au, eglobalbeauty.com.au

Domain Name    eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au
Registrar Name    Melbourne IT
Registrant Contact Name    Hugo  Oliphant
Registrant Contact Email    admin@eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au

See also: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/57309

I have written to Hugo Oliphant at admin@eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au for more details. I have sent two emails to the company’s publicly declared email ID. No response. 

I now need to report this Hong Kong company to ASIC and the Australian Tax Office.

(4) Violation of Australian consumer law

No company should be able to sell products in Australia without ensuring these are waranteed and fit for purpose. I suspect eGlobal Digital Cameras has violated consumer laws. I will investigate and report the company appropriately. [I have not been able to pursue this line of inquiry, so now that the phone has been repaired – being sent to Hong Kong – I’m not sure whether this violation applies.]


I have also reported company to Product Review, providing PDF copy of the invoice (Order #16078540). I have reported this company to Trust Pilot.

(5) Seemingly asked me to violate the Dangerous Goods Act – BUT E-GLOBAL WAS RIGHT ON THIS.

After my persistence, they have agreed to pick up the phone for a fee of $50, but are now asking me to break the Dangerous Goods Act (see email below).

***** Please do not reply directly through this email. *****

Dear Sanjeev,

Regard the order to return, we will arrange with the courier (TNT) to collect your product.

TNT will send you an email for the pickup arrangement. Please check your email box and open the link to submit the order.

Kindly remind you that the invoice is required for pick up by the courier, please click ‘YES’ on the shipment details by submitting the order. Please do not mention there would be a battery inside the box.

Please print the invoice that TNT provided by the email and give the invoice to the courier man, thanks.

The fact that mobile phones (with batteries) cannot be carried by air is due to the risk they may create, potentially causing loss of lives. The company is asking me to make a false declaration, penalty for which is specified in the Act, below.

44A.    Offence to give false or misleading information
(1)    A person must not give information in complying or purportedly complying with this Act that the person knows to be false or misleading in a material particular. Penalty:    240 penalty units for a natural person; 1200 penalty units for a body corporate.

On this matter, however, I found that Australia Post was non-complaint with the law. It is OK to send a mobile phone by air, as confirmed by CASA.

Accordingly, there is NO requirement to declare a single mobile phone battery. When I did, after verification of the laws, send the phone by courier, I DID not declare any dangerous good, as was consistent with advice from CASA.

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The world’s most arrogant, least customer-focused company: Paypal

I had mentioned my pathetic experience with Paypal here:




After many years they contacted me that my matter required “resolution”. I said I’d try again but the SAME OLD MESS. No human interface. I had to type material print it then scan it in order to send them STINKING INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR LACK OF CUSTOMER FOCUS. I ASKED THEM TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. THAT TOO THEY WOULDN’T DO.

Finally, they forced me to upload ID documents (as if they hadn’t got enough of these already) and finally “reactivated” my account.

They then sent me a survey.

I have given them ZEROS on almost everything, and here are my comments:

You are the LEAST customer oriented organisation I’ve ever come across in my life. The most obnoxious system where there is no human interaction. Customer is treated like DIRT. Emails (yes, there was a time when someone responded by email) are NEVER responded. There is no phone number nor any address. I have never come across a more ARROGANT organisation than Paypal.
Your process is TOTALLY ARBITRARY, AUTHORITARIAN, RANDOM – without reason.
Your approach is totally DISRESPECTFUL of the customer.

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New Balance model 623 is hopelessly tight

I have been using model 854 of New Balance but then bought 623 with the same size, etc.


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My unhappy experience with Cornell Conveyancing 1/726 High Street Kew East VIC 3102

I’m writing to warn potential customers about this company.

Serious incompetence
This company doesn’t know its basic work. It made a massive, error in calcluating stamp duty, over-estimating it by thousands of dollars. Only later, upon my asking a question, did the company recalculate and found it had over-charged by many thousands of dollars.

In the meanwhile, the cheque had been issued, settlement done. Only by chance the stamp duty had not been paid to the SRO, so there was an opportunity to redo the amount. To fix the problem I had to spend inordinate amount of time running up and down to the bank, conveyancer, etc. A nightmare.

Finally, it forgot to get the invoice from SRO. That meant I had to remind the company about this issue. There was NOTHING the company did well.

Extremely slow, does not deliver in time as promised
The company took weeks to get the title deed. Settlement was 8 June. I got the deed only on 16 July. After repeated reminders. And thereafter I had to go to the owners’s house at night to collect it.

Incorrect invoice
The company is so incompetent it sent me an invoice for $660. Later it found they needed to pay something else, so they charged me $770. To get a revised invoice I needed to remind them repeatedly! Everything was a nightmare with this company.

Does not represent you in the transaction
The company refused to represent my interests at the settlement (e.g. getting a written condition about completion of identified defects). I was told by Student Housing Australia that my conveyancer should have insisted on this condition. But this conveyancing company’s view was that they needed to get settlement out of the way, and there was no way they could insist on this at settlement.

Basically, if you want your interests to be represented, don’t hire these guys! This company is incompetence personified.

I’m VERY unhappy with this company and would like to warn any potential users against this company.  Review score: ZERO out of FIVE.

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Philips Azur 150gm steamglide – a third rate iron

Within a month of purchase, this iron’s sole plate started eating up various fabrics. The material would stick and had to be cleaned by using Eucalyptus oil. By now I’ve consumed $20 worth of eucalyptus oil and the sticking is getting worse. The steam function is also pathetic and stopped working within a few months.

Sunbeam was FAR better but its element died off after 2 years.

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