Examples of bad customer service experienced by Sanjeev Sabhlok

My unhappy experience with Cornell Conveyancing 1/726 High Street Kew East VIC 3102

I’m writing to warn potential customers about this company.

Serious incompetence
This company doesn’t know its basic work. It made a massive, error in calcluating stamp duty, over-estimating it by thousands of dollars. Only later, upon my asking a question, did the company recalculate and found it had over-charged by many thousands of dollars.

In the meanwhile, the cheque had been issued, settlement done. Only by chance the stamp duty had not been paid to the SRO, so there was an opportunity to redo the amount. To fix the problem I had to spend inordinate amount of time running up and down to the bank, conveyancer, etc. A nightmare.

Finally, it forgot to get the invoice from SRO. That meant I had to remind the company about this issue. There was NOTHING the company did well.

Extremely slow, does not deliver in time as promised
The company took weeks to get the title deed. Settlement was 8 June. I got the deed only on 16 July. After repeated reminders. And thereafter I had to go to the owners’s house at night to collect it.

Incorrect invoice
The company is so incompetent it sent me an invoice for $660. Later it found they needed to pay something else, so they charged me $770. To get a revised invoice I needed to remind them repeatedly! Everything was a nightmare with this company.

Does not represent you in the transaction
The company refused to represent my interests at the settlement (e.g. getting a written condition about completion of identified defects). I was told by Student Housing Australia that my conveyancer should have insisted on this condition. But this conveyancing company’s view was that they needed to get settlement out of the way, and there was no way they could insist on this at settlement.

Basically, if you want your interests to be represented, don’t hire these guys! This company is incompetence personified.

I’m VERY unhappy with this company and would like to warn any potential users against this company.  Review score: ZERO out of FIVE.


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