Examples of bad customer service experienced by Sanjeev Sabhlok

The world’s most arrogant, least customer-focused company: Paypal

I had mentioned my pathetic experience with Paypal here:




After many years they contacted me that my matter required “resolution”. I said I’d try again but the SAME OLD MESS. No human interface. I had to type material print it then scan it in order to send them STINKING INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR LACK OF CUSTOMER FOCUS. I ASKED THEM TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. THAT TOO THEY WOULDN’T DO.

Finally, they forced me to upload ID documents (as if they hadn’t got enough of these already) and finally “reactivated” my account.

They then sent me a survey.

I have given them ZEROS on almost everything, and here are my comments:

You are the LEAST customer oriented organisation I’ve ever come across in my life. The most obnoxious system where there is no human interaction. Customer is treated like DIRT. Emails (yes, there was a time when someone responded by email) are NEVER responded. There is no phone number nor any address. I have never come across a more ARROGANT organisation than Paypal.
Your process is TOTALLY ARBITRARY, AUTHORITARIAN, RANDOM – without reason.
Your approach is totally DISRESPECTFUL of the customer.


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