Examples of bad customer service experienced by Sanjeev Sabhlok

eGlobal Digital Cameras is a Hong Kong company that pretends to be Australian. Customers should understand this clearly.

[ADDENDUM 20 SEPTEMBER 2015: The company has since fixed the defective mobile phone – but I’m not happy with its continuing claim to be an Australian company. And that its Australian contact people are uncontactable. Based on information obtained over the past four months, I’ve slightly amended my post, below, – took me more than 4 months to get my phone fixed. Either way, a bad experience, but some of the issues that have emerged are wider than just my phone]

I am loathe to write against companies but my experience with Eglobal is something that needs to be recorded. This company, with a “.au” URL is NOT an Australian company but purports to be one.

Details of my interaction with it (in relation to a mobile phone that I purchased from it) are provided here. [Updated as at 20 September 2015]

I purchased the phone believing it to be an Australian company (the .au URL). Turns out it is located in Hong Kong and the company’s warranty DOES NOT apply to Australia.

The phone died during the warranty period.


(1)  The phone could not be returned to Hong Kong since Australia Post does not carry mobile phones by air.  

This issue has since been resolved. It was clarified by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) that there was nothing to prevent Australia Post from carrying my defective mobile phone by air. Turns out this was an Australia Post internal rule. I complained and was informed that Australia Post is changing its rules and will carry mobile phones by air within the year.

(2) It is misleading (but not illegal) for a Hong Kong company to use .au domain

I reported this company to AUDA at 9:40 pm on 20 July 2015.  I have taken screenshots of e-glogal as at 20 July 2015 [Download herehere and here]

AUDA has confirmed in writing and verbally that all a company needs is an ABN number to get an “.au” domain. AUDA does not care whether the company actually operates in Australia.

(3) The company has an ABN but it effectively NOT an Australian company

Its details:

Trading name Trudark Pty Ltd
ABN    58 003 759 662
ACN    003 759 662
Type    Australian Proprietary Company
Business Location NSW 2128
Locality    HARRIS PARK NSW 2150
Active from 31/03/2000
GST Status Not Registered
Business name Dwi Digital Cameras/ Digital World International
Websites ** eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au, dwidigitalcameras.com.au, eglobalbeauty.com.au

Domain Name    eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au
Registrar Name    Melbourne IT
Registrant Contact Name    Hugo  Oliphant
Registrant Contact Email    admin@eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au

See also: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/57309

I have written to Hugo Oliphant at admin@eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au for more details. I have sent two emails to the company’s publicly declared email ID. No response. 

I now need to report this Hong Kong company to ASIC and the Australian Tax Office.

(4) Violation of Australian consumer law

No company should be able to sell products in Australia without ensuring these are waranteed and fit for purpose. I suspect eGlobal Digital Cameras has violated consumer laws. I will investigate and report the company appropriately. [I have not been able to pursue this line of inquiry, so now that the phone has been repaired – being sent to Hong Kong – I’m not sure whether this violation applies.]


I have also reported company to Product Review, providing PDF copy of the invoice (Order #16078540). I have reported this company to Trust Pilot.

(5) Seemingly asked me to violate the Dangerous Goods Act – BUT E-GLOBAL WAS RIGHT ON THIS.

After my persistence, they have agreed to pick up the phone for a fee of $50, but are now asking me to break the Dangerous Goods Act (see email below).

***** Please do not reply directly through this email. *****

Dear Sanjeev,

Regard the order to return, we will arrange with the courier (TNT) to collect your product.

TNT will send you an email for the pickup arrangement. Please check your email box and open the link to submit the order.

Kindly remind you that the invoice is required for pick up by the courier, please click ‘YES’ on the shipment details by submitting the order. Please do not mention there would be a battery inside the box.

Please print the invoice that TNT provided by the email and give the invoice to the courier man, thanks.

The fact that mobile phones (with batteries) cannot be carried by air is due to the risk they may create, potentially causing loss of lives. The company is asking me to make a false declaration, penalty for which is specified in the Act, below.

44A.    Offence to give false or misleading information
(1)    A person must not give information in complying or purportedly complying with this Act that the person knows to be false or misleading in a material particular. Penalty:    240 penalty units for a natural person; 1200 penalty units for a body corporate.

On this matter, however, I found that Australia Post was non-complaint with the law. It is OK to send a mobile phone by air, as confirmed by CASA.

Accordingly, there is NO requirement to declare a single mobile phone battery. When I did, after verification of the laws, send the phone by courier, I DID not declare any dangerous good, as was consistent with advice from CASA.


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8 thoughts on “eGlobal Digital Cameras is a Hong Kong company that pretends to be Australian. Customers should understand this clearly.
  1. Andrew

    Hi Sanjeev,

    just wondering if you’ve heard more on these guys. I am in the process of being screwed over by this eglobal lot regarding a $500 lense that was faulty. I am looking into following a similar course of action as you have.

    I did some research and found out that to have a .com.au domain they need to have an ABN and more than that, I paid by bank transfer to an Australian account. It seems you’ve done a lot of the homework already. Please, you have my email, I am interested in bringing this huxsters down as hard as possible and maybe we can work together on it with the same goal in mind.

    1. sabhlok

      I finally sent my mobile phone by courier (paid by them) to Hong Kong and the phone has since been fixed (not yet opened it). They said they’d charge me $50 for this but have not yet seen the invoice.

      The issue re: mobile phone was related more to Australia Post’s misinterpretation of the dangerous goods rules. They are going to fix their rules soon, I’m informed.

      Re: eglobal having an ABN, they do have it. They question to be examined is a general one: can companies register in Australia and operate from anywhere else in the world? That seems to be the case today. This is a policy issue which I’ve not found time to investigate. ASIC will need to be contacted but I’ve not had time to do so.

  2. Becci

    I’m on the same boat. My Macbook Pro is going nuts and I’m just waiting for TNT. How’d you even get that done? They don’t even give me their account number to write down on the consignment note – it’s so pretentious and ineffective.
    Another thing I was outraged about was that Eglobal is also endulging in false advertising (false US model numbers for Chinese items). A minor thing but still illegal.
    I’m interested in getting these guys on the headlines.
    Out of all seriousness, feel free to contact me:

  3. creativityaus

    I am agree this is the fraud company please do not buy anything from them . I also have a same experience they do not care about warranty and at the end they force you to buy something again from them buy giving gift certificates .

  4. Georg Weiller

    Well, it’s obvious that they dishonour warranty. I have two RMA cases with them and their excuses are to ridiculous to waste much space here. First they delay and demanded ever more actions from you. Then you have to pay for postage, make sure it’s registered otherwise it never arrives. Than they make silly excuses not evan making the effort to be plausible. Then you have to pay for the return of the unrepaired item or loss any evidence. I am sufficiently dismayed to hassle them. Yes they have an Australian letterbox, pretend to be local and use Australian currency. I intend to involve the Tax office, ATSIC, a number of tech forums, samsung Australia, Samsung Honkong and the eglobal head office. Evan if it comes to nothing, it will at least not pay for them.

  5. Matt Lindsell

    Hi, just wanted to share my experience with everyone on eGlobal…..

    DO NOT USE!!!!!! Worst company I’ve ever dealt with. Bought a mobile phone with them in March; the phone had an intermittent fault where it would just starting typing random letters all by itself and flittering between different screens. I took a video of the fault and emailed it to eGlobal, telling them I wanted a full refund. They told me I had to send them the phone for them to test. So, I sent them the phone, and for 3 weeks they argued that they could not find a fault. All this despite the fact that I sent them a video of the fault as proof.

    They refused a refund for weeks, then eventually they said they would provide a refund less a $50 pick up fee, which I still don’t even know what that refers to. I’m still arguing with them about it – why should I pay any more money when the phone is clearly faulty. They’ve had my phone for nearly 6 weeks now, and I am still no closer to a resolution, and have not had a phone in all that time.


  6. Zeenat

    Tahnks all for sharing your experiences…. I bought a Samsung tablet about 7 months ago… The thing worked fine until this week when it just refused to turn on. Tried all the rebooting tricks with no luck. Emailed eglobal… They pretend to be all helpful but demand more and more “evidence”… Made a video and all. They eventually replied saying I should send the item all the way to HK and may have to pay a repair fee wth!?!! I was thinking about going along with it until I read these posts… Think I might just try fixing it myself.

    Never buying a thing from them ever again!
    Thanks guys

  7. nomad

    To all looking to buy Chord products from this HKG based called eGlobal Digital Cameras who’s website is a Australian URL; this is an unauthorised site to resell Chord products. Please note that Chord will not support warranty for any Chord products purchased from this site; nor will the local distribution partner be responsible for any warranty issues related to goods bought from the following site. Numerous emails to eGlobal has met with no reply.

    Buy Locally in Australia and not from unauthorised websites.



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